Emiliano Scatarzi has been working in the photo and video industry for over 20 years bringing so much more to a shoot than just operating the camera. He will get involved from concept to completion bringing a wealth of experience in the organisation of all elements relating to a photo/video shoot. Constantly reinventing himself Emiliano believes a visual artist should be able to turn their artistry to all projects. This is displayed in his own varied portfolio.

Established clients of Emiliano retain him to help with the marketing and feel of their brands.

He collaborates with Corriere della Sera as photojournalist since 2009.
He has worked in Algeria, Cambodia, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Iowa USA, Israel, Japan, Kunayala (Panama), Mongolia, Nepal, Palestine, Russia, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, Washington DC USA, West Sahara, Yrian Jaya (Papua New Guinea). His research was exhibited in various venues in Italy and abroad. Co-founder of FotografiSenzaFrontiere with whom he realized laboratories of photography in tough area of the world.

Manfrotto Ambassador 2013 – 2017.