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Why the Fly


Giotto was a great master of Renaissance painting, like everyone else, he too had his days as a disciple.
He was in the shop by another great teacher, Cimabue.

Who knew of the great talent of his pupil and within himself he was sure that his disciple was even better than him.
In order not to increase Giotto’s ego too much, Cimabue treated him with little consideration, Giotto’s main task in the shop was to keep the flies away from the oil paintings just finished in the drying phase.

One day Cimabue, returning to the studio, realized that a fly had settled on a newly completed picture. Cimabue went on a rampage, he addressed Giotto with the worst slanders allowed at the time. Barking and waving his arms as if he were suffering from anger.
He calmed down only when he realized that his student had made a bad joke, the fly was not real but the first painting in perspective of the story.

Giotto no longer had the heavy duty of fly swatter and from that moment revolutionized the art and the perception of everyone through the perspective.